There isn’t a job we can’t do!

Call 309-792-8695 for 24-hour towing and recovery service!

Heavy Duty Wrecker Capabilities

Heavy-duty wreckers capable of towing any type of vehicle.

Semi Towing

Conveniently located in the same complex as B&B Truck & Trailer. Get your 18 wheeler back on the road fast!

Wreck Cleanup

We'll handle all spill and debris cleanup.

Flatbed Towing

Preferred method of towing that ensures the security of your car

  • We’ve always had excellent service with Cantrell’s, they have  fair prices and they always get the job done! Because of fog, our dump trucks went off into the ditch. We couldn’t believe we had to call them two times in one day, they took care of us right away.

    Valued Customer

  • Always friendly, fast, and reliable! Will always use them for our towing needs!

    Valued Customer

  • I remember you went all the way to Tama, Iowa (2 hours drive) to tow my LincolnTown Car back home to Colona, Illinois AND it was the weekend that your son had a ball game. I said don’t worry you can get it another day, but you still came right away and did it for us such great service always.

    Valued Customer

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